Thursday, September 9, 2010

Strange People on the Internet

You may have noticed that i changed my blog address. I had to, I noticed when i looked through my followers that some strange older men from other countries like Brazil and Taiwan were following me on my blog. Why do old men want to follow me? Yeah there is absolutely not reason!  This kind of freaked me out (i totally watch wayyy to much CSI & Law and Order, dun dun dun!) enough to change my dot come back to my regular blog name. Did y'all know that if you buy a dot com they put ALL your information on the internet. That really upset me, I would never have bought a dot com knowing that. Or i would have purchased a privacy block (total scam that they are charging us for our privacy!) had i known. Well i block those two men and changed back to my old blog name, which still have our names in it, but were are in the process of switching that as well. I lost $11 from the dot com, but that hardly matters in comparison to my families safety. Its so sad that these are the times we live in. Have to be so so so careful when it comes to your babies!


  1. Hi!! Just came across you blog and girl, I have had the exact same thing happen to me to where I even quit posting my daughters picture. I watch way too much SVU. I did change to a but I did not know that about the info. I got freaked out because a man I blocked knew my old URL enough to comeback and keep checking post. puke!

    So nice to meet ya! xoxo

  2. I know isn't it terrifying??? We have to be so careful. Just checked out your blog and i LOVE IT! I also love that sign in the bedroom, where did you find that picture? Thanks for following:) I'm newer at the blogging, its so much fun:)

  3. yep, had to block a couple of weirdos on my blog's sad, but this world has too many people like this. i actually had to scrap my first blog and start a new one (the one i have now) about a year ago...i felt i had been to liberal with photos of my daughter and personal family tidbits. live an i am very careful about what i post.


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