Wednesday, March 31, 2010

75 Degrees = Our First Real Day At The Park

Today was our first real day at the park! Olivia ran around everywhere.....

We did this over and over again.....She had fun to say the least. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Of The Most Beautiful Brides I Have Ever Seen....

   Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gilmour! Cheri & Steve looked amazing on there wedding day! It was such a beautiful ceremony filled with so much love. You couldn't have asked for a more amazing day! Congrats Cheri & Steve!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful Weather & St. Patricks Day

I can not get over how amazing it has been for the last week! I actually got burned sitting outside for 30 minutes on Wednesday. Its ok, i need the vitamin D. Any ways great weather always calls for great pictures. With the blue sky & Olivia't bright blue eyes, i couldn't resist snapping a few photos.

We walked every single say this week. Olivia loves walking down the block to play with all the big kids. She gets to excited to be outside. I am so happy this second baby is coming in the beginning of summer, so we can be out all summer long.

St. Patricks day was a blast as well. We played outside of course, since it was so nice out and then we went over to Hackneys for a delicious dinner. Brad is German and i am German & Irish. So Olivia has some Irish blood in her. Our neighbors bought her this adorable bow for her hair last year and it barley stuck. This year we had a little more luck:)

She didn't want to keep it in:) 

What a fantastic week it was. I am kind of sad it is suppose to start to snow tonight:( 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Art

   The best present to me is something made by someone else. We are lucky to have so many talented artists between Brad and myself. Below is some baby art that Brads cousin Ashley made for us. She can do anything you want. She is so talented and everything she creates is amazing. 
Check her out at

These make wonderful baby gifts. Check them out! 

  This painting of our dogs was done by my Aunt Lizbeth out in Pennsylvania. Again she has some outstanding painting talent and captures our puppies completely. Sally is dainty and charlie is so playful. 

These last two paintings were done by my grandmother who sells her art is galleries all over the place. This first painting is of my parents sailing on my dads boat. The second one was given to Brad and myself as an engagement present. 

   I unfortunately did not get the genes of painting, although i love to do it anyway. One day i hope our whole house will be filled with this meaningful art. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pillows & Baby Shower Burp Rags

New living room pillows! I turned some not so cute pillows into cute ones:)

This idea was inspired by Cheryl S over at Defiantly a great blog to check out! They are so easy to make and it takes no time at all. Cheryl even has a little tutorial to follow along with. Check out how easy it is.

Here are some new burp rags i made for yet another baby shower in California.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

From Black Stretch Pants to a Black Stretchy Dress (a saturday full of giving back)

   This past Saturday was a busy one for us. In the morning we attended the 42nd annual pancake breakfast at our church. It was a lot of fun and up 25% from last year. All the money goes to the Youth of Northbrook which is always a wonderful thing to donate to. A lot of the Gierke's attended as well as my mom (dad was riding). We saw a number of families there from the community and had a fun time. I love the pancake breakfast, we have been going to it since we were little kids, so its fun to bring Olivia and keep the tradition going.

Brooklyn Loved Olivia 

  Then in the evening we attended Paul's Dinner and Dance For Kids With Cancer. 

What a fantastic benefit. Paul was Timmy Seiwerts (one of Brads closest friends from high school) cousin and Godchild. Sadly he lost his battle to cancer two years ago at the age of 10. We never had to opportunity to meet Paul, but from everything we have learned and seen from his family and friends he was one VERY special little boy. His love for life lives on through his parents and family. This is the second benefit they have had since he has passed away. The money raised benefits children with cancer at Advocate Luthern General Children's Hospital in Park Ridge. They also donate a number of teddy bears to the hospital so that every child that comes in there can have a Bear Hug anytime they need one.

 It is always such a touching benefit and it makes you appreciate every healthy chid out there, because sadly there are so many sick ones. We learned that Paul enjoyed music, dancing and parties so as soon as the dinner was over everyone hit the dance floor for a night of music and fun. What a night it was! 

                              The Gang 

                                    Timmy & Lori

Today was defiantly a day dedicated to the most important people in our lives, our children! 

Olivia's 14th Month

   I sit here and look at the pictures of Olivia and can NOT believe that she is already coming up on month 14. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. Seriously it feels like i just had her. She seems to be picking up on everything. You can ask her practically any of her body parts and she will point to them for you. The cutest i must say is her tushy!  She kind of turns around sticks her little tushy out and points. Olivia defanlty has her own personality and she will let you know exactly what she wants. If you asked any of my close girlfriends or my mom they would tell you she is totally Katies daughter (secretly i think my mom is excited that i had a daughter with my personality) She laughs all the time and is running (seriously running) around everywhere. I can't wait to get outside and be able to play in the neighborhood. She loves loves loves her daddy so much and every time she sees him she just lights up. When he has been gone, even if its just 5 minutes, she will scream and laugh when he walks back in the door. She is saying Pa Pa all the time. Anytime she see pictures and forget about it when she actually sees him, she totally freaks. She can't get enough of my dad. Its really the cutest thing ever. She is making the mmmm sound but still can't get out MiMi. Her Mimi is her favorite person to rocka rocka rocka with. Thats what they do before my mom puts her to sleep. She even says it now when they are rocking.
   People have been asking me what i think Olivia will be like when her sister comes, and from the looks of it i think she will love her like a little mommy. Right now she takes her doll babies and feeds them bottles and rocks them, like i do to her. It really is so amazing how much your kids will pick up on what you do more then what you say. Olivia will point to my belly when i ask her where her baby is and then she will kiss it. I know when this second little girl comes i will be overjoyed, but nothing will make me cry harder then seeing Olivia hold her for the first time. Babies are a true miracle and i cant believe my Lu Lu Bear is already 14 months old. Watching a child grown and learn is like something that can't be explained, its pure Joy. Check out some of her pictures below!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Amy Butler & Art Gallery Fabrics

I am so excited about all my new fabrics for the fun projects i have planned. Check them out.

This last photo is the material i am using for an Amy Butler sling purse with large bow. Its adorable. I will post pics as soon as i finish! Happy Sewing:) 

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