Monday, October 26, 2009

Olivia Update!

Olivia just went for her 9 month check up. She is 29.5 in long (95%) and 18.8 lbs (50%)! She is healthy and eating real food with us all the time. She basically told me she wasnt going to eat baby food, by reaching for mine all the time and eating none of her own. We are eating noodles, chicken, bananas and anything else soft that she can get her little hands on:) She is cruising on all the furniture and i think she will walk by her 10th month. She balances on her own now and its so cute. I just can't believe how fast she is growing, its truly amazing:)

                        Mimi bought me my first snow suite!  A very fun date night, Dinner out & Couples Retreat (so funny) 

Halloween at the Y

Brad, Olivia and i went to the Y last Sunday to celebrate Halloween. It was so much fun and Olivia loved decorating pumpkins with daddy and watching all the big kids with their costumes. We are so excited for Halloween this Saturday here are some pictures from the Y.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Quote

Stay refined stay elegant and stay the sweet person that you are. Keep strong people around you and the others will fall to the wayside.....

Surprisingly i got this quote off the show "The City" last Tuesday night. Just thought it was a great thing for all us women out their to live by:)

Cha Cha Baby

OK so since this is Olivia's first Halloween i wanted to be sure it would be perfect. I knew i wanted her to be a ballerina, for a few reasons, one it is so cute and the pictures are adorable and two because i wanted her to wear it for her first birthday. So i went online and searched and searched and searched. I found a couple places that had beautiful fluffy, but very expensive ($70) tuts and i just couldn't imagine spending that kind of money on it. Also most places didn't have any sort of head pieces to complete the look. After looking for 3 weeks i finally came across a store online called Cha Cha Baby, They have the cutest items i have every seen and the price point is perfect! Along with all the items you see on the site, you are also able to personalize you own tutu & head pieces. So i called the Lanie the owner, who is so nice and talked to her about what my image of Olivia would be in her tutu. She gave me some great ideas and then custom designed her tutu & head piece to match. They have sizes starting at new born. So anyone who is looking for something like this, whether is be for a costume, dress up or beautiful pictures, make sure to visit her site. Also the head pieces make amazing gifts for any occasion.
So in the end the product was amazing, the price point was perfect and the customer service was outstanding.

2009 Andrew's Allstars JDRF Walk

Our Super Allstar Andrew
Andrew continues to amaze all of us with his continued strength and positive attitude! Andrew raised over $10,000 this year and the checks are still coming in. Andrew is a Freshman in high school now and if becoming quite the attractive young man. We love you Andrew. I have posted a few pictures from the walk.

Olivias first of many many JDRF walks! It was a perfect day!

The very cool shirt that one of Ashley's friends made! 

         Aunt Barb & Olivia

 Part of the Family
                                                                                                    Uncle Bill & Brad

Mimi & Liv

After a long and exciting first walk we are ready to go home:)

There were so many people there, we think it was the biggest group walking for Andrew ever. So nice to see people come and show how much they care. Can't wait till next year:)

Happy Birthday Grandad

Richard Broeski
Happy Birthday to one of the great men we have ever known. We miss you everyday Grandad:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I can not believe that i have a 9 month old, almost:) Not only has she mastered crawling but notw she is standing and pulling herself up on everything:) She is walking around tables and everything. Tonight while we were at our Sunday family dinner we all ate chicken, guess who else ate chicken for the first time? Olivia, she LOVED it. She couldn't get enough.

Everyone in our family gets there chicken from Harrisons, it is free range hormone free organic chicken. It is amazing, probably the freshest chicken out their. It is also not very expensive. It is located on Waukegan Road in Glenview, if you get a chance to get out that way, it is worth it.

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