Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Train Ride

   On Labor Day B and I took the girls on train ride to Glenview for lunch, ice cream and fun in the park. Glenview is only about a 5 minute train ride, but it was perfect for the first train ride for the girls. O road a train when she was a baby when we would go meet daddy downtown for lunch, but this is the first one that she would really be able to enjoy. It was a total hit! O loved it and W didn't care either way.


We took the train to Glenview and went to lunch at a restaurant called Orange. It was delicious! It was also all Organic, an A+++ in my book!

W slept the entire time. After lunch we headed to the Ice Cream hut right next to the train station and then headed over to the park. O couldn't of had more fun. It was such a great family day, i loved every minute of it!!! We headed back home on the train about an hour later, O hasn't stopped talking about taking a Choo Choo since. Next we are headed over to the Choo Choo Restaurant in Des Plaines. It should be so fun!
Mama & W waiting for the train

The Drinking Fountain

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