Sunday, September 5, 2010

Apple Picking

Liv picking apples for the first time!

    I love FALL! This last weekend in Chicago we had a fantastic taste of perfect fall whether! It was in the low 70's and beautiful out. Our good friends the Merks invited us to an Orchard about an hour north of our house. We were so excited because Liv is old enough to have fun and Whit is small enough to sleep on me the whole time. We has a blast to say the least.

    Brad and i have never done it before so we had no idea what to expect. The farm we went to was call Royal Oaks Orchard, it is in Harvard It is worth the trip. Not only do they have apple picking, but they have Pumpkin picking as well. They have hay rides and tons of fun things for kids. They have train rides, a carousel, a bakery, restaurant with amazing food. The market they have has pie mixes and hot apple cider that you can purchase. We loved this place. 
Olivia & Mama on the Carousel

    Once we played with all the kids rides, we went onto the Orchard. The Orchard was huge. It was lined with tons and tons of different kinds of apples. Olivia would pick apples and if we didn't ask her to put it in the bag she would take a great big bite out of it. I didn't even know she knew how to eat apples like that, i always cut them up for her. She had a blast running up and down picking up apples and throwing them. The would pull the apples off with all her might. Whit was asleep the entire time we were there. She missed out on all the fun.

The Gierkes & The Merks 
I defiantly think everyone should take the time to go. It makes you feel like you aren't even in Illinois anymore. The Orchard is so beautiful and quiet. Its a little getaway not to far from home. Check them out!
Whitney was out the whole time, so i got this shot when we got home


  1. what a wonderful day! we had so much fun with you and your sweet baby girls! XO

  2. thanks for following my blog :) feel free to stop and leave comments. i love new blog-friends.

    p.s. your children are beautiful and there is no better time then fall. can you say apple cider? :)


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