Monday, September 6, 2010

A Career in Photography?

I have loved photography for as long as i can remember. I learned to take pictures on a real Nikon film camera. When my husband and i had our first child my parents bought us a digital Canon Rebel XS. I started shooting away and i have been told lately that i have an eye for photography. I am seriously thinking about taking a class or two to get everything i can out of my Canon Rebel XS. I love photographing babies, 1st birthdays, weddings ect.  Take a look at what I put together, of what i think is my best work. Do you think i could start taking professional pictures? Just curious to know what you all think. 


  1. love it! you are very creative in all you do! you'd make an amazing photographer, especially for babies/weddings. XO

  2. Love the photos Katie! What lens do you use on your XS? Also, what editing program do you use? I took a basic Adobe Photoshop class, though I just got Aperture. I would suggest something like that along with a photography class! I can't keep all my iso and f stops straight! Keep clicking!- Katy


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