Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nancy Hutchinson Pegler

   The world has lost one of the most beautiful, loving, feisty, a force to be reckoned with, honest women on April 20, 2010. It has been a sad  few weeks for the Pegler family. I know Nan is in such an amazing place right now. She is finally with my grandfather (Hunny) who passed away 32 years ago. For all of us here on earth it was a sad day, but for Nanny it was the beginning of forever with our beautiful Lord and all of her family and friends that had gone before her. I can't even imagine how unbelievable that day was for her. Nanny was 88 years old and lived a fantastic life. After my grandfather passed away she remarried years down the road. Lloyd passed away 2 years ago. She basically died of old age.

  Nanny (thats what her 15 grandchildren and her 8 almost 9 great grandchildren called her) was such a fantastic grandmother and i have such wonderful memories of her. Every year we would go down to West Palm Beach and visit her for spring break. She was a fantastic cook and had one of the most beautiful houses on the St. Lucie River. We swim in her pool and went on boat rides. She would take us to the bathtub beach and we would wake up to her grandfather clock going off in the living room. I remember waking up every morning to the waves hitting the shore. Its such a warm feeling thinking about her and all the time we got to spend with her.

  Nanny's mass was on Friday morning in West Palm Beach Florida and Saturday night everyone took her ashes out on the yacht to be scattered along with my Grandfather at Marker 19. Right outside the old house. It was a beautiful tribute to her and her life. We love you Nanny!

Nanny & Hunny at my Mom & Dads Wedding

The "No No" Couch and a portrait of Nan

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lincoln Park Zoo

Normally the zoo kind of bothers me. I am a total animal lover so its hard for me to watch all those animals in there little habitats. I understand the need to take the endangered species and try to procreate them and have them in a safe environment, but it still makes me sad sometimes. We took Olivia to the Lincoln Park Zoo last week. Can you believe it is one of only two zoos that are free to the public? Its a beautiful zoo and they are actually doing some construction on it. They are putting in a nature walk around the lagoon. It is suppose to be done shortly. It looks like it is going to be very beautiful.

The day we went was amazing outside. Perfect weather, i believe it was in the low 80s. There is nothing like summer in Chicago. Brad and i were actually contemplating moving back down because it is so amazing in the summer, but then we thought about the winter, which seems to be the majority of the seasons here in out lovely city and decided absolutely not:)

Anyways we left at 9:30ish and got down there in 20 minutes. Olivia loved all the animals! We started in the barn section, where the kids can walk around with the the goats and lambs. We didn't venture to putting her in with them, i think she is still to small and i think its kind of gross. She loved watching from afar. The cow even gave her a big kiss on the leg.

Next we went over the the lion house. Those lions are suck beautiful creatures and the leporod was outstanding. The spots on that animal are so pronounced. Anyways, i think i liked it more then Olivia did. 

Monkey house here we come. I can not believe the size of this one ape. It was a female and she must have been pregnant. I am so glad i don't look like her:) Talk about having a hard time breathing and loosing that baby weight, she is in for a long hall. Check her out. 

She was also looking at Brad like "if this window wasn't here your camera would be lunch" or maybe she just thought he was cute. Look at that stare!

Lu Lu outside the monkey house taking a break. I cant believe how big she is getting.

Olivia lasted about an hour and a half before she told us she was DONE! She actually said done done done. So we missed a few more houses, but we saw enough for one day. If you have kids the zoo is a win win play date, especially if its free:) 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter is such a special time of year. I think it is the most important day in the Christian religion. The whole existence of our lives have to do with this one day. We went to church in the morning, then to Aunt Barb & Uncle Scotts for our wonderful lunch/dinner. My family came this year, which was so nice. I think there was a record number of people and it was so much fun. There is nothing like sharing such a special holiday with such wonderful family, we are truly blessed. This year i got the honor of making the "lamb cake" something Brads grandmother (Gramma Kay) has been doing since she had kids. This year she wasn't feeling very well so she handed the job off to me. It turned out awesome!

I thank God everyday for the blessings he has given Brad, myself and our family. It was a great Easter. 

Daddy & Liv getting ready to go, she loves loves loves her daddy:)

My doll baby

My family! 

My Lamb, Uncle Todd had already eaten the butt before i could snap a picture:) 

She was so tiered on the way home.

Daddy went to make some coffee and when he turned around this is where Olivia was on the dining room table eating jelly beans:) 

Happy Easter everyone:) 

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