Friday, September 10, 2010

Potty Fun:)

O tinkled for the first time on the potty last night. I'm such a proud mama! Never in my wildest imagination would i think my daughter using the washroom would be so exciting, but it truly is. I feel like she is such a big girl now. I don't expect it to be an everyday thing yet, i was just so excited she did for the first time. She even asked to go! She was taking a bath and my husband was putting a diaper on her and she said no no no. My husband asked her if she wanted to use the potty and she said yes. SO she walked to the bathroom and sat on the potty and the next thing you know, the music starts playing! She has a princess potty so every time she goes it plays royal music. My husband was SHOCKED. O was so so so proud of herself. She started clapping and shouting out yeah yeah yeah!

Our intentions with potty training, was defiantly not training. I hate that word "training", it sounds so mean to me! I don't think children should ever be trained. They need to learn, but not trained, so we don't do potty training. All i did was buy a potty around 15 months and left it out in the bathroom. She would sit on it when we were going potty or she would just go in and sit on it by herself, but mostly she liked to use it as a stool so she could reach things she wasn't suppose to touch. We asked her occasionally if she wanted to go potty and she wold say yes, but had never really gone. We just kept asking. She is now 19months and went potty for the first time all by herself, and we didn't even have to TRAIN her:)

Again I was this happy when she got her first tooth, crawled, took her first step, said her first word, and now is using the potty. It's amazing how your excitement levels change the minute you have a baby! I love every minute of it:) On to the next milestone!

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