Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Windy Snowy City....

It's about 11pm on Tuesday the 1st day of February. I have all of my yankee candles lit, a very nice glass of red wine, both girls tucked into bed, my hubby sleeping on the couch with the dogs and there is complete silence, ahhhhh. Well except of course for the very load wind howling outside my window. I mean really??? There is a blizzard with lightning and thunder. It's actually really amazing. I really have no problem with snow, in fact i love it! Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are getting hit hard. Its about time, can't let New York get that fun snow ALL winter long. Right now the snow is half way up our windows and there is a complete white out, outside. I can't even see the houses across the street. This is a major storm, but to me it's pretty exciting to see how crazy mother nature can be. Whats even more exciting is the EVERYTHING is going to be closed tomorrow. Thats right the hubby is staying home with me tomorrow. Nothing will be open, stores closed, banks closed, YMCA closed (until 3 at least) and every other institution that can suck away your day a little at a time. This storm gives everyone a chance to lay back relax (how does that work again) and be with family (my favorite place to be in the whole world). Nothing can take your time away. We can play with our babies, do art projects, have lunch in the playroom, bake cookies, jump on the bed, make snowmen (great photo op opportunity) and just enjoy each other. I'm also intending to get a big chunk of my bible study done once the girls are napping. I think God gives us these days so we will just sit back and enjoy ourselves and families. It's like if he doesn't give us one of these days every few years we won't do it for ourselves. I really appreciate it! Hope everyone is have a wonderful Tuesday night and their Wednesday will be even better. Stay warm and safe all you midwesterners! Look forward to all the pictures from our family snow day! 

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