Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Love Our Church

Today i walked into church, surprisingly on time. That never happens. There seemed to be a lot more people there today, which i thought to myself was so great. We recently have been blessed with a new Pastor, who is fantastic! About 10 minutes into church we take some time to say hi to people around us. When that time came today i turned around and found so many of our friends were there. It felt so nice to be the next generation of people raising our babies together in this beautiful church.

A little side note, our church, probably for the past 5 years has had a huge lack of younger people. It's hard to compete when you have massive churches opening all around our area.

So to see so many of our friends all here at the same time as us felt so fantastic. It gives you that happy giddy feeling. I love the church we go to, i grew up in this church, was confirmed, graduated, got married, My hubby is a Deacon and we Baptized both our daughters there. It means a lot to me that it does well and pulls people of all ages in.

Not a very exciting post, but it's what made me happy today!


  1. Awe my hubby and I are stationed over here in CO andwe have yet to find a chrch I mean the ones that are near us arn't are religon.. :(

  2. we almost made it to church on time yesterday :) we're getting better at being on time. we had a lot of new people, too! the pews were full! it's so exciting to see so many new faces and to share in that joy

  3. Beautiful post! I really really wish I could find a church that I felt this way about. We are Catholic and every church in the area I feel is just not "family friendly" and filled with older people. Therefore we do not go that often. The church we joined this summer does have some kid programs and that is on my "to-do" list to check out. I was raised going to church every week and sunday school and I would really love my children to grow up like that as well. Faith is so important to have in your life.

  4. Katie it was nice to see you guys!
    Steve and I also came from different backgrounds with me being Catholic and Steve being Lutheran. We are both open to other options obviously and are so happy we ended up at this one. PLUS, we met you guys!....well I met you at a bar but whatever....LOL!


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