Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Months Old....

I can't believe my second baby girl turned 7 months yesterday. Honestly where has the time gone??? I feel like i just had her. It must be what happens when you have two babies under 2:)

Other then being sleep deprived i feel like this has been a pretty easy transition for all of us. With O, i sadly wasn't able to breast feed, but with W i have been doing it for 7 months now. I wasn't sure how long i was going to do it. I decided i would take it one month at a time. There were times i totally wanted to throw in the towel, but i stuck with it. I thought i would stop at 6 months, but here i am at 7 and still feeling good about it. W has teeth now and she was very dangerous with them in the beginning, but now she never bites. So i'm a pretty happy mommy. She is sleeping through the night, which is wonderful. I have been able to get out the door, shockingly by 845 every morning to work out and the girls love the daycare at the Y. I like the fact that i can work out and they can play and socialize with other children. Its a win, win in my book:)

W is sitting up, scooting and is days away from crawling. I have given her the occasional Cheerio and she loves it. O plays with her all the time, which is adorable. She can make her giggle better then we can. Last night Brad found O reading to W on the floor (cutest things ever), I can tell W loves her big sister because she is ALWAYS watching her. If there is one reason to have them this close together its the fact that they get to be best friends. It's a built in playmate.

7 Months has gone by so fast and i am so excited for this summer. I can't wait to get out of the house, go to the zoo, turn 30, celebrate W's 1st birthday and the 4th of July, family vacation in RI, go to the pool, ride bikes, watch W take her first steps and BBQ as much as possible.


  1. love it!!! times flies so fast it makes me sad. so when are you thining of #3?? :)

  2. #3, not for a while! I am just feeling pulled together. I want to turn 30 do the soldier field run in May. I want to fully enjoy this summer and then we will talk about it:) I have thought about it though:)

  3. Look at those beautiful eyes!!


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