Monday, February 21, 2011

He was meant just for me...

One of my good friends is in the hospital and was diagnosed with MS today. I have been friends with her since sophomore year in college. She just delivered a beautiful baby boy 6 weeks ago and is now faced with this new hurdle in the road. She is strong, smart and wonderful and she will deal with this crazy new issue just beautifully.

She said to me when we were talking today that her husband is so amazing and was made just for her! Who else would deal with everything that Melissa is? I started laughing. She is one of the funniest people i know. I know that Brad doesn't deal with her, but loves everything that she is. When you take those vows, for better or for worse, (shockingly there are still a few of us left who actually believe in them) you have to know that while there is a lot of "better" there will also be a few "worse" and sometimes those "worse" moments seem to outweigh the "better"ones.

It got me thinking of how i feel the exact same way about B. We have had our ups and downs and i sometimes think the very same thing Melissa thought. How in the world does B put up with me sometimes. I mean lets not get to out of hand, he is handful at times too, but who isn't. I feel like we are puzzle pieces and we fit together just perfectly. Our whole beings were meant to melt into each other.

Anything that is weak inside me is strong inside B and vise versa. When B may be weak in something he is normally strong in i instinctively become strong. It's amazing to think that God made B just for me and me just for him. It's amazing to me how God let us become best friends before we became lovers. It's amazing how he knew all about our lives and the minute we would meet for the first time before we had any idea. It's crazy to think that we defiantly crossed paths in high school (while he was probably chasing after another girl and i another guy) and didn't even know that our soles were meant for each other. Ok i am going off on a tangent now. Back to the point. It's wonderful to think that during out "worse" moments in our lives we have men here to keep us together, to be our crutch and to be our biggest cheerleaders.

Melissa and Brad are such an amazing couple and so adorable together. Better then that you can tell the love they feel for one another. Brad is so caring and so reassuring for Melissa whenever she is doubting anything and Melissa will laugh at whatever Brad says. This is defiantly an interruption in their lives, but i know they are both strong and will get through this with flying colors. Melissa, Brad was meant just for you and you for him. I love you guys!

Please pray for them both:)


  1. Sending so much love to Melissa, Brad and Henry. I will pray daily for her good health.

  2. I will be praying for your friends. It is never easy when life throws you a curveball. Glad they have each other and a great support system as they embark on this new journey together.

    Your words got me thinking about my husband as well and how we were meant for one another. We have our ups and downs like any couple and I do often wonder how he puts up with! I'm a handful! We love each other and he is my best friend. I couldn't imagine growing older with anyone other than him.

    I'm tagging you on my blog for an award:)

  3. Marie, that is awesome! Thank you:) my first award:) We have some pretty amazing hubbys:) Love all your bows. I wish i knew how to do that!


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