Friday, January 21, 2011

The Little Details That are so Special....

My daughter turned 2 yesterday. I had been thinking about her birth the whole day and how amazing it was and how amazed i am at who she has turned into, the sweet and hilarious things that come out of her mouth and how she knows to yell out AMEN after she prays with me before bed. She truly keeps me laughing every single day. Anyways i had been reminiscing and trying to remember all the details (details are the reason life changing events are so special), the little things that made that event so earth shattering. 

As i was checking out facebook i noticed that one of our friends posted a picture of himself and his new daughter. WOW, you could just see how proud he was holding up his new daughter. I started thinking about that detail of both of my births. I remember B holding both girls taking that same picture and how excited, proud and amazed he was that he created this beautiful baby. The look in my husbands eyes were amazing. They melted my heart. 

My second daughter was due on June 26th and decided to make her appearance on July 3 at 11:51pm, thats right 9 minutes before the 4th! The 4th of July just happens to be one of my husbands and my favorite holiday, second in fact to Christmas. So when W was born on the 3rd we knew we would miss all the festivities of the 4th. When we woke up on the 4th I turned to B as he was laying with our brand new baby girl and said why don't you go out and celebrate with all of our family and friends. He was reluctant at first, repeating how he didn't want to leave us. I insisted. So he went to his families house and bragged bragged bragged about his brand new baby girl and me. He then went to our neighborhood parade (our neighborhood is amazing and everyone has know everyone forever, they all knew my water broke right there on the street walking our 1.5 year old up and down it) so they were more then excited to see him. Everyone giving him high fives and throwing him beers. Everyone was genuinely excited for him/us. I can just see the HUGE smile that was on his face. It made me smile as i laid in the hospital bed with baby W. 

To me one of the most amazing details of my births were the look in my husbands eyes. He was just totally in love instantly. You can tell he was so proud of what he had a major role in creating. Its when the daddies post the pictures of there little ones that just melt my heart and remind me of how the birth of a child touches the daddies a little differently then us mommies. 


  1. Beautiful!!! Happy birthday to your little sweets.

  2. Wonderful post! I love reading birth stories. I am nto yet a mom so I haven't seen my husband with that look but I can't wait. You make it sound wonderful just like my sisters do.


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