Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

     I have been so MIA for the last two weeks. Our whole family has been sick with one thing or another. I have laundry coming out of my ears and a whole house to clean.  Christmas was wonderful and the girls had so much fun. My sister and uncle came in from out of town, which was so special. Our neighbor who dressed up as Santa for us when we were little came over to our house this year to see the girls, it was so much fun. O was shocked and a little overwhelmed, but she loved it. We celebrated for 3 days straight and had a blast. I am finally back in action, still have a house to clean and laundry to do, but wanted to post a little something about the holidays. Christmas went by WAY too fast and i miss my sister who had to go back to Vail. I am looking forward to the New Year and all thats in store for our family. 


     So now its New Years and i'm suppose to have some sort of resolution and talk about the past year and all the things we've achieved, blah blah blah. My resolution it to make a goal for just this month and once this month is over i am hoping it has turned into a habit and next month i will make a new goal/resolution. I feel like it is so much less overwhelming and much more attainable. As far as the year we have just had, God has really blessed our hearts and lives. We have some wonderful new friends in our lives, W was born healthy and is a real blessing, B got a new job that he really enjoys, B became a Deacon at our church, our families are healthy and we are so looking forward to 2011. How is that in a nut shell:) Here are some wonderful moments from the last year.

3 years last January (B always buys the top of our cake to eat on our anniversary) 

Red Head Piano Bar for our anniversary weekend in the city

Beginning of 2nd trimester

Its a Girl

Olivias 1st birthday shoot!

My beautiful best friend gets married

39 weeks pregnant (still had two weeks to go)

My beautiful Nan passed away

My angel was born


GOODY got married:) AMAZING

BETH MOORE, need i say more:)

Grammies last day in her house :( 

JDRF Walk, over the last 9 years we have raised over $140,000,  Lets Find the CURE!

First Race Post Baby! 

Sweet Melissa ready to pop at her Shower!

They will be great friends 
Beautiful Sallie with her nieces 

The same santa that came and saw us when we were kids!

She LOVES her daddy!

What can i say, she has style!

Precious, running around Christmas morning

W and her Godmother

Aunt K, shes the best!


The Boys, so handsome

Uncle Jim


Uncle John

Getting closer to starting My photography career 

Those eyes.....

My Christmas Present! 

This is how we role now, ALL Organic!

Jim & Sjo Sjo


Baby Henry is Born to Melissa & Brad
What a little blessing! 
News Years Eve

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