Wednesday, January 19, 2011

4 Years Strong

     B and i celebrated our 4 year anniversary last week. It was a blast, we has dinner at a fondue restaurant in Lincoln Park called Gejas. It was fantastic! Then Brad surprised me with the cake we had on our wedding day (in a much much smaller version) and Champaign. Our cake was made by a bakery in Lake Forest called Gerhards. They are top notch so anything from there is amazing. While we were at dinner we talked about 4 years and what it meant to us. We were shocked at how fast it had gone by and how many life changing events had happened in that time, we were very busy:)
     B and i met the first week freshman year in college. It wasn't love at first sight, but there was defiantly something about him. I thought he was cocky and honestly i was nervous around him. Not many people can intimidate me, but he defiantly did. We became friends and then best friends and by senior year we were together all the time, on the phone for hours. Once we graduated we started dating a year later we were engaged and then married. We have known each other for 11 years! That is a long time! I always ask Brad on our anniversary to tell me the story about how he was feeling when he proposed to me and when he knew i was the one for him. I just love hearing him tell it. I never want to forget those exciting years in our lives.
     In these last four years our lives have been enriched by the birth of our two little girls. They are the world to us. We have lost B's Granddad and i lost my Grandfather and Grandmother. B has changed careers. We have celebrated countless anniversaries, birthdays and special events. We both joined bible studies, we moved from the fast pace life of the city to the slower life in the suburbs, which we LOVE. A lot of things have happened in these last four years. In the future we hope to add to our little family, move and just continue to enjoy our simple lives.
     There is not one other person on this earth i would rather wake up next to and love day in and day out. B is my best friend, i would do anything for that man. Here is to eternity!


  1. How sweet! Happy Anniversary:)

  2. Beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your family is beautiful... God has blessed you all tremendously!


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