Friday, December 10, 2010


Prompt: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?
       I think my wisest decision for 2010 was to have an all natural labor. When i say all natural i mean i had no medication, no IVs of any kind, no Pitocin after the birth, no pain meds and i wouldn't let them start my labor early by breaking my water. I wanted EVERYTHING to happen on its own, the way it should be if you are having a normal healthy pregnancy. 
      With baby number 1 i had the works (Pit, epidural, water broken for me, IVs and Pit after the birth). Don't get me wrong i loved loved loved my first birth. I think epidurals are lifesavers:) I just really wanted to do this and see how the all natural method would go. 
       My water broke while i was walking my daughter down the block to my parents house. Literally right in the middle of the block. It was the 3rd of July so everyone was out and came running over to make sure i was ok. Of course i was OK, my water just broke:) i was so excited inside i couldn't believe i was about to meet my little lady. My husband was just getting back from costco and we jumped in the car and to the hospital we went. The Dr. on call that night was fantastic. He was cool with whatever i wanted to do. He walked in while my nurse (best friend from college/doola. Yeah she is the coolest and had three very important jobs that day:) ) was helping me slip into much more comfortable clothing and he told me i need to stimulate my nipples and my contractions would come much quicker. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. He was like "i bet you never thought you girls would be doing this together back when you first met freshman year", we were peeing in our pants laughing. So nipple stimulation began and in 1.5 hours i went from 4 to 9.5 and couldn't believe it. I was in the shower most of the time (this really acted as a narcotic for me). Spent some time on all fours (mostly throwing up), rolling on the ball and walking around. At one point my complete ability to be decrete flew out the window and i was totally naked and could care less. Dana described me as an amazon women (this doesnt sound like a compliment and sounds very scary. I'm pretty sure i freaked a lot of people out:) ) 
       Once that baby entered the birthing canal i became a totally different person. I became super women. It was AMAZING! As much pain as it was it was literally the most amazing thing i have ever been through. Once they told me to open my eyes her head was out, adrenaline just rushed my whole body. One more push and she popped. They placed her on me right away and it was one of the most beautiful moment of my life.
       I felt every single pain there was to feel. I felt every single emotion. The high from a natural birth could never be matched. It can't even be explained. It was so incredible. Not only was it amazing, but i recovered SOOO much faster then i did with O. I felt so much better and breast feeding was automatic. I felt accomplished and very proud of myself. My hubby couldn't stop telling me how incredible i was and how proud he was of me. He was such a fantastic supporter, so loving, calm and gentle. Oh i just can't stop smiling as i relive this amazing night with you all. 5 hours start to finish and 3 pushes later, my second little lady came into this world screaming her head off, by far the BEST decision i made this year!!!

Those first amazing moments together, the bond was unreal! 


  1. Wow! I got chills just reading this. You are definitely amazing. I don't think I'm brave enough to do it all natural...

  2. the best day of my year for SURE!!!! amazon woman is definitely a compliment!!! :) you epitomized why i love natural birth so much. you were amazing and inspired me so much that day. i love you and i'm so proud to be your friend.

  3. Awesome! You are an amazing woman!!

  4. This is INCREDIBLE. It is making me think about natural birth when that ti em comes for me!

  5. Wow, amazing story! Your girls are adorable!!


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