Monday, December 13, 2010


Prompt: Appreciate. What's the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

My Parents, who i appreciate the most in 2010

      The one thing that i appreciated the most in the last year were my parents!!! B lost his job as a Trader the same day we found out we were pregnant with baby W. It was a day filled with stress and then total happiness! The lord certainly blessed us with the happiest news ever that day. He clearly knew what he was doing November 2nd. Anyways now that you have the background here is where the appreciation came in.  My parents live around the corner from us and have been one of our biggest supporters. Its amazing how much they can give. My mom is the best listener and is totally my sounding board. She is MY BIGGEST FAN! I only hope one day i can be for my daughters what she has been for me. Not only was she a great ear to unload on, but she babysat for us. Whether it be so i could get to work by 4 or if we just needed a night out alone, she was there. Our babies just adore her! 
     When Brad found out he was being laid off, we immediately turned to the Lord. We new he would provide for us in every way possible. Of course we were scared and worried and had no idea what we would do. We were use to living pretty nicely and then this happened. We started living a lot more conservatively. I picked up a job and worked until the week before i had her (waiting tables, which surprisingly was a cash cow). We defiantly thought B would be employed by the time baby W would be here, but that to came and passed without a JOB. Still we were trying to stay positive because we knew something would come through (thats what my wonderful mom kept reassuring me). B had been on a number of trading interviews, some that he turned down thinking there certainly would be a better offer out there. To our surprise at this point in the economy and our lives God was not leading him towards trading. In fact he was leading him in the complete other direction. 
     My Dad was a huge help to B. He was a publisher of a magazine before he started his own company a number of years ago. He is super smart when it comes to business. He has a ton of great ideas and really got B to think about some other jobs that would make him really happy. He helped B put together an unbelievable resume, he was there for him/us in every way possible and we appreciated it so much. Alas, B got a great offer from a Corrugated Box & Paper company. Talk about a change in careers. He LOVES it and is excited to just go to work every day. It makes me so happy he is happy and i am so proud of him. I ended up keeping my job (i only work dinners) because i like brining home the extra money to stick in the bank. 
    My parents are so incredible and i/we feel so blessed by them. B sometimes turns to me asks me if they are really real. He is just so surprised at the unconditional love and kindness they exude all that time, no matter what. I think i have taken there love for granted all my life. Not in a bad way. They have just always been there for me and my siblings and their siblings and anyone that needs there help, i think i was ignorant to think that not everyones parents were like them. I am more appreciative of my parents now that i/we am a parent and can't even explain how much i love them! So 2010 is defiantly dedicated to them and their hearts! 

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