Sunday, February 28, 2010

There ARE Moms In Northbrook!!!!

Olivia and i have been going to a play group at the library since she was born. The first session was filled with nannies and hardly any moms (so frustrating). This session Brad has taken her and of course it was filled with lots of mommies! I couldn't have been more excited when he came home and told me we had been invited to a get together with all the families. We met so many wonderful families. Since the library group ended we decided to start our own play group, which i couldn't have been more excited for. Below are some of the kiddies in the group.

Just when i thought there couldn't be anymore moms out there i met another adorable new family at church today. They have a 2 month old little girl and her husband, like Brad played basketball in college.  It is so nice to have other moms that stay at home with kids our same age. Its nice to be going through all the same things at the same time. I can tell this spring is going to be filled with lots of walks and park time. I can not wait for it to be nice out again!!!


  1. :) Glad you are finding a good mommy group... and wondering about getting together! How are you feeling? Hi to Olivia from Julia! Janelle

  2. Oh how precious, I hope you can get them all back together in their teens and see how much they have changed. The picture is too cute.


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