Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Girls New Ride (Bumble Ride Indie)

      So i have been searching and searching for the right double stroller. I have looked at all of them and the best one i have found is this Bumble Ride Indie. The facts that i was considering when picking out a double stroller were: the Graco Car Seat that we already have, if i need side by side or front and back, it had to have real wheels and not plastic to support the weight, good shocks because i love love love walking in the spring and summer, if Olivia who is 32" tall already would still fit in it at 2 and it it had storage for all the things you need for a newborn & 1.5 year old. I went through Babies R Us and checked out all there strollers first, because they have reasonable prices and i love shopping there. I found one Graco that i really liked and seemed to fit all my requirements except for the fact that the wheels were plastic and more importantly the seat Olivia would be sitting in had reviews that once a toddler reaches 40" they didn't fit in it anymore. Now this normally wouldn't be a problem for most children, but Olivia is very tall for her age and i am sure by 2 she will most likely be close to 40". So that stroller was out. I found a few more at Target and again ran into the same issue. The other issue i was finding with even higher end strollers was that there wasn't a universal car seat attachment. You had to have the car seat that fit that particular brand. To say the least i was getting very frustrated. 
    I finally broke down and went on the Bumble ride web site. The reviews were raging! Every single thing i needed in a double stroller, this stroller had. It fits through all doors, it has a universal car seat attachment, it has amazing shocks and Olivia will be able to fit in it until she is 5 (as long as she isn't 10 feet tall by that time, in which case she will be walking), it has plenty of storage and some great add on features, not to mention the color patterns are fantastic. We went into Galt Toys to test it out and loved it even more. If you are having a second and need a double stroller i would highly recommend making a small investment and purchasing this one. 


  1. This stroller is so cute! What a great find!

  2. The Bumble Ride Stroller is so fabulous. its lightweight, portable, all terrain type stroller, and it looks soo cute. i love this stroller


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