Friday, February 26, 2010

Olivia's First Haircut

Olivia has been sporting a fashionable mullet for a couple weeks now. We thought it would be nice to cut it for her. Now all her hair can catch up with the back. So after a fun bath this morning we cut her hair. 

Helping mama brush her hair.

The Mullet. It doesn't look that bad here. 

Could she not be more my daughter:) 

The big cut

Looks pretty good. Just wait she will have long hair in no time. 

So pretty

It was so much fun....


  1. what a pretty baby girl! i love the lock of hair with the ribbon! that's going in the scrapbook :) XO

  2. Sooooo ADORABLE!!! She will be so happy that you took these pictures when she's much older! She's the CUTEST! <3 Melissa Porch :)

  3. So cute! love the pictures! I think it is so funny how little girls hair goes in at first! The hair cut is adorable!


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