Sunday, February 21, 2010

Its A Girl:)

I am now 22 weeks pregnant and feeling fantastic! A little more then half way done. We got our first ultra sound two weeks ago and found out we are having another GIRL!  I must say i was very very surprised. Brad comes from three boys and his dad comes from five! Since the sex of the baby is determined from the man i just assumed from the very beginning we would have all boys. We have been delightfully surprised for a second time now. With Olivia i felt like she was a girl from the beginning. That could have been because i really wanted a girl, i have no idea if it was intuition or not. The beginning of this pregnancy i had no idea. I assumed it would be a boy because there is no way in the Gierke gene pool i would have another girl for as long as we are having babies. Brad knew from the beginning it was a girl. Either way bill of health for the little one is great and she is right were she is suppose to be according to my due date. Here is her first picture.

This is her profile

Olivia seems to be very excited, but who knows. Every time i come to get her out of her bed she lifts up my shirt and kisses my tummy. Sometimes she waves at her. She certainly knows something is in there and something is going on. Brad and i got her a cabbage patch baby for Christmas and she rocks it and feeds it a bottle. We also got her a stroller which she puts the baby in (sometimes she tries to get in it herself) and walks around the house with it. I think she is going to be a little mommy when this baby comes, which would be so cute. So to say the least i am going to have my hands full, but i am so looking forward to all the excitement and love that is going to fill out house in 3.5 short months. 

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  1. she is beautiful already :) can't wait to see this new baby girl! i am SO happy for you! i love you!!


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