Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hey all you awesome moms out there, how many of you love getting great deals? How many of you are familiar with Cafe Mom? If your not, jump on it's a fantastic site. 

Cafe Mom is currently the biggest mom website that our founders Andrew Shue and Michael Sanchez started 11 years ago. They just rolled out a new company called MOM.COM. The deals of the day are currently located in the Northern and Western suburbs of Chicago, Minneapolis suburbs, Boston Suburbs and New Jersey. Don't fret if your not located in any of those towns you can click on the nationwide deals and see what they are offering as well. is a daily deal that is targeted to moms. The idea is to bring local moms to local merchants to boost the local economy, genius right?!?! I thought so too and thats why i LOVE working for them. 

My friend and Co worker Sarina & her hubby Josh

Last thursday night was our Premier party and we were able to invite fellow moms, customers and friends. It was fabulous. It was held at a beautiful home in Lake Forest with pink martinis, wine and delicious h'orderves from Food Love Caterers. There was photographers, media and big time mom bloggers. Jackie was one of the bloggers i really enjoyed talking to, check out her blog and then check out what she wrote up about us. Her blog is genius, fun and very informative. My co worker, Sarina and i were interviewed by the patch, i have to say it was pretty exciting. Our fantastic husbands came and were excellent sports, Brad even work a pink striped shirt (he is always supporting me in the cutest ways). I can't imagine it was too hard for them, they were in house full of beautiful women, how bad could that have been?!?!? We all got dressed up mingled and had a pretty exciting night. Most importantly it was a great start to this new and exciting company filled with some pretty fantastic people! 

I have to be honest, i feel pretty lucky to be involved in such a great company with so many great men and women. It's a very exciting time at and i am happy to be a part of it:) 

Our Founder Andrew Shue 

My fantastic girlfriends who came and helped support


  1. Are you working full-time for them outside of the house? I am always interested to know how mommies manage working and raising little ones.

  2. Hi Ally, i work part time for them and yes from home. I have a sitter come in 8 hours a week while they are sleeping. It's pretty gratifying to be able to make some money and get out there and talk to adults about something other then changing diapers:) For me it seems to make me more organized and i think a better mama:) Thanks for asking!

  3. That is wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I work from home 40-50 hours per week. No little ones in our house but one day and I hope to be able to keep it all up with the help of a sitter. I looked at the website, it looks so cool. What type of role are you in for them? Marketing? You all look so lovely in your pics!


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