Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Merry Christmas???

This is what i found in my daughters backpack this afternoon when she got home from pre school. I love it. It made me start thinking should Merry Christmas be insulting???

This time of year is such an important one for Christians. It signifies the birth of our savor Jesus Christ. All you mamas out there can imagine how Miss Mary was feeling right about now. Very fat, hot and very ready to get this baby out. What a job she had, not only was she giving birth (and for those ladies who have done it naturally you know the pain she was in), but she was birthing the son of God. What an honor and privilege. I couldn't imagine..... As a Christina it's one of the most important days in our religion.

So why is saying Merry Christmas, politically incorrect? I honestly have no problem with any other religion. I have friends of every race and color and on holidays that are important to their faith I find it respectful to honor them. Not with everyone, but with a lot of people Christmas or any Christian holiday for that matter does not get shown the same respect. It makes me sad.

I feel like there is this movement in the United States. The thought seems to be that if they take away all the things that have to do with God or Jesus then maybe it will go away??? Fortunately for us, that will never happen. It bothers me a lot that they can't talk about it in school and that companies like Lowes call Christmas Trees, Holiday Trees.

I do know that no matter what the government, school or people take away, whether it be the lights, songs, the word God, the phrase Merry Christmas, it will never really dissapear. It's just makes me sad that the world can't let everyone enjoy their own faith and traditions. It makes me sad the my girls have to grow up in a world that is so overly consumed with what others are doing and celebrating that they can't even see the beauty in the religion.

Have you ever studied the Jewish religion? If you haven't i recommend you do! Their traditions are old and so beautiful! In the Orthodox sector of the religion the only thing that matters is religion itself. Their center is GOD. They work hard in school and honor their parents. It's so fascinating. It's amazing.

Every religion has something to offer. People shouldn't be offended by the joys of other religons. Other holidays aren't the negatives in this world. There are so many other things to worry about (the hungry, the homeless, the unemployment rate, the uneducated or undereducated children, the injustices done to people everyday) in this world. Passing someone by on the street that happens to say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah should make you smile (its a happy gesture).


  1. Love this. I just had a talk with another mom at my daughter's play class about black friday shopping and how people act to get gifts for Christmas when that isn't even what Christmas is about. People totally miss the whole meaning and it is so sad.

    My best friend is Jewish and it is very traditional and beautiful. I love learning about other religions.

  2. LOVE this post! It is so silly to me that people are trying to take Christ out of our every day lives. Because He is the reason for our every day lives!
    I will never stop saying Merry CHRISTmas, or One Nation Under GOD!


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