Friday, August 19, 2011

Your can't run for a while....

Words that a runner never wants to hear! I started having some problems with my IT Band a few weeks before the half marathon. I was determined to run anyways. I saw my knee specialist and he told me it looked like my IT band. He said, "rest it until the race and if you feel good enough to run it, then go ahead." I was determined. This was a goal of mine since i gave birth to my second daughter. I figured if i could have a baby totally naturally then i could do anything. Let me tell you, a little IT Band pain was not going to stop me. So i did the race and ran decently, but now my IT Band is bothering me more then ever.

I went to my Internist today, (i love her by the way. She is maybe two years older then me, has kids my kids age and is a big runner. We have a ton in common. She actually said to me today "let me know when you plan on #3 because we most likely will do that at the same time". She is the best. She understands all the stresses of working, raising children, stress, house hunting and everyday life. She is amazing.) she checked out my leg and sure enough, she had the same issue after running the half last year. She told me i HAD to stop running if i ever wanted my running career to continue. AHHHHH Running is one of my passions, not to mention it makes me feel amazing, strong and full of energy. She went on to tell me i need to ice it twice a day and use a roller. I am determined to have this fixed!

On another note she did say i could spin, do my weight classes and anything else that doesn't involve running. Still there is nothing like running. So i am kind of sad about it. I am looking at it as a way of cross training and getting other muscles strong so that when i do get to run again i will be faster and stronger!

Faster and stronger, i like that!  

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