Monday, August 22, 2011

My baby girl....

Is starting pre school in just two weeks! I can not believe that we are at this point. She is starting with a bunch of her cute little boyfriends and girlfriends and i can't help but get emotional about it. She is going to go out into this world and have a life of her own, she is going to make a difference and change peoples lives, i just don't want her to go yet. 

I know it's only pre school, but everyone says, your going to blink and it will be college. Its like the snowball effect, once you hit that first day of school the days fly by and before you know it your sending her off to college. Ok, well maybe not that fast. I am also so excited for her. I am excited she is going to meet new people and figure out how to maneuver in her own little world. I just love that thought of that. 

Olivia is going to a nursery school called Mustard Seed. It's an adorable little Christian school down the street from our house. All the kids in our neighborhood have gone there. The teacher is actually a friend of Brads and mine from College. She is amazing and so kind. I know she will be in good hands!

The one problem we are running into is making it to the potty to poop. She is a master at going pee pee, but the poo poo not so much. So in the next two weeks we will be working on that. She has to be potty trained before she goes. I know she can do it! 

It still shocks me that she is going to school this fall. I am so excited to meet all the moms in our class and make more friends. I am so excited for this next chapter in Olivia's life:) 


  1. many prayers as your family enters on this new journey with your sweet girls.

  2. She will love it!!! I felt the same way when my oldest started preschool two years ago and now in two weeks I'm sending him off to kindergarten. I often feel one morning when I wake up the kids will be grown and out of the house. You just have to enjoy each season life brings and cry like a baby while doing so:)


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