Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rock and Roll

This last weekend i completed my first of many half marathons. It was the Chicago Rock and Roll Half! It ROCKED to say the least. It was absolutely perfect out. The weather started off 66 and cloudy. You have to understand that was my biggest fear signing up for this race. August in Chicago is usually very hot and very humid. We had clouds, sun, rain, sun and more rain as we crossed the finish line. It was amazing, hard, exciting, emotional and exhilarating! I felt strong!

My darling husband came down with his bike and met me at 4 different miles. Mile 3,7,12 and the finish line. He was an all star.   i started feeling tired i turned the corner and there he was. It gave me strength just to see his smile. My dad came down and biked as well, he was at mile 6, 12 and the finish line. Finally my amazing friend Meg came and cheered me on at mile 5 and then at mile 12.5 she jumped in and ran with me about a quarter of a mile. She was amazing. Then there was the man who was there cheering me on through the whole run in my head and in my heart. I saw him at every turn! He kept my head in the game and kept me light on my feet. I felt like every mile i crossed i thanked God for giving me the endurance and strength to be able to accomplish all of my goals! I LOVE YOU ALL! The support really helped get me to the finish line.

When i got home my babies ran right up to me and my little Olivia said, "mommy great runner" she is just too cute. Honestly i was in a lot of pain on Monday, but today i feel awesome! I can't wait to run the next one. Dare i try for the 20 mile pre marathon race in September. I know if i do that, then the marathon is unavoidable. It makes me nervous even writing that down. Will see how i feel and what these new Brooks will do for my running. Brad got some great pictures below.

Oh yeah, my time was 2:23 with my two long bathroom breaks it was 2:10. My watch said i ran just under 10 min miles. I was pretty happy with that!


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