Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soldier Field 10 Miler

Today i ran in the Soldier Field 10 Mile Race. SO MUCH FUN! I told myself when i delivered Whitney a year ago July 3rd that i was going to start training for the Chicago half marathon. I always wanted to do the Soldier Field 10 mile race, but every time i wanted to sign up i was pregnant. I knew we were going to wait a little longer before trying again so i went ahead and signed up for the Soldier field thinking it would be a blast and a good run to get me ready for August! The Rock and Roll Half is going to ROCK:) 

Let me tell you, running down the same hall that the Bears run down and onto Soldier field after running 10 miles was a surreal feeling. We were on the jumbo screens and as we crossed the finish line they called out our names:) It was so cool! The adrenalin was amazing (not as good as natural child birth) but it was up there! I can't wait for the Chicago Half! 
One of my dads good friends has done something like 50 marathons. He is a rock star. He is also a running coach and writes for Chicago Athlete. I am going to do his running camp in Lake Geneva this summer. Its 2 nights 3 days and consists of seminars, running, massages, meditation, acupuncture, napping and some healthy food. I am pretty excited! 

My Orthopedic doctor also recommended a book called Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. It is so my kind of book. Chris McDougall is so smart, here is an excerpt from him personally; "The key secret hit me like a thunderbolt. It was so simple, yet such a jolt. It was this: everything I’d been taught about running was wrong. We treat running in the modern world the same way we treat childbirth—it’s going to hurt, and requires special exercises and equipment, and the best you can hope for is to get it over with quickly with minimal damage." He is such a smart man. Loving this book! Such a different perspective on running then what the modern world has taught us. I would totally recommend it to any runners out there. 

After the run we ate brunch at Zella in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. We sat on the patio. It wasn't sunny out, but the weather was great. Then we went home back in the suburbs and i napped for 3 hours! It was such a great day! Training for the half starts Monday:) 
5am on my way down

6:30am Freezing!

Outside Soldier Field

All Done! 9:55 average 

We have the best city!

Brunch at Zella

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  1. I found you over at Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. Congrats on your race, I'm getting my running on and blogging about it at Looking forward to checking out your blog. :)


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