Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday My Love

My best friend for the last 11 years, who also happens to be my husband, soul mate, confidant, other half and my biggest fan turns 29 today! So today is fully dedicated to him! This morning he went and played basketball at 6am. When he got back we gave him his birthday presents and cards. We made him a really yummy cheese, green pepper, onion and tomato omelet, bacon and coffee. The girls just loved on him until he had to go to work. Tonight i'm taking him out to dinner, just him and me:) I just love my guy!!!

Brad i am so honored to be your wife and the one you want to travel down the road of life with. I am so blessed to have you and i'm so thankful for the life we have together. I feel like we were just celebrating your 21st birthday down on rush and division and now your turning 29, with two dogs, two daughters and an almost 30 year old wife, yikes! I guess time does fly by. I hope this year will be just as amazing for you as the last one. I love you sweetheart! More then words:) Happy 29th!

Love Me

My friend Kelley over at the Better Bitty Bite took this shot for us. This was part of his gift


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