Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Miss Whit

9 months, the age Olivia was the day we found out we were pregnant again. 9 months, the amount of time it took to make my little Whitney, alright maybe it was 10 months (she was stubborn). 9 months, the age she turned yesterday!

I can't believe how fast time flies. I know everyone always talks about how fast it goes, but seriously it's like i blinked and she is almost 1. I am so excited every day to watch her grow and do new things. It's amazing how different she is from her sister. I still can't believe i have enough love in my heart for more then one baby. I thought when Olivia was born there would be no way i could love anyone as much as i love her. Whitney came along and my heart exploded with even more love.

It's incredible how much they grow and change on a daily basis. I feel like it you don't stop and put down the laundry you will miss it. I don't want to miss any of it. Being a photographer really helps, because the amount of pictures both girls have is insane. I feel like i have done such a great job of documenting their lives through pictures. They say your second won't get as much attention as the first. In my experience i disagree. Whitney get the same, just in different ways.

I cherish my alone time with Whitney, since i don't get as much as i did with Olivia. I find myself falling madly in love with her over and over again, every day. It's a totally different experience with Whitney then it was with Olivia. Its different, magical and exciting. I find as the months go on, i have so much more patience. I adore the way Whitney looks up to Olivia. She watches her like a hawk. Sometimes i feel like the girls are teaching me just as much as i am teaching them.

An update on what Whit is doing these days:

She has 6 teeth
She is crawling, pulling herself up and cruising
She is eating real bananas, oatmeal, banana puffs, cheerios, pureed baby food
She is still breast feeding (i'm pretty happy about it. So surprised at how long i'm going), two or three nights a week she will have a bottle when i'm at work
She likes sippy cups with water
She loves Olivia and being with her all the time
She lights up when daddy walks in the room
She always wants to be on mommy
She points to what she wants
She says mama and dada
She mimics noises we make
She has never taken a pacifier
She laughs ALL the time
She is a good sleeper
She loves us reading her books
Her pants are 12-18months already!

We go to the Dr. this week to see how much she is growing. 9 months, WOW time really has flown by. I feel very blessed to have such great little ladies. I am looking forward to what this summer will bring us. What field trips we will be going on and our vacations as a family. Happy 9 month baby girl, Love you Whit!


  1. Your girls are beautiful!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness - the tutu just kills me! too cute!!

  3. i love this sweet baby girl! what an angel!


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