Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy Week & Easter

This week has been such a blessing. I LOVE Easter. I love that it was the day that our savior rose, i love that it means spring is here (or in the case of us Chicagoans it mean its on its way) it means that our sins have been forgiven and it means we have lots of needed family time. I have just recently started singing with out Praise group, it's a blast. Side note, speaking of singing awesome Christian songs, did anyone else hear Carrie Underwood sing that amazing song on Girls Night Out on CBS??? Unreal! That is a Christian thats knows who her savior is! So i have really been feeling a lot more a part of church since joining this group. I love to sing, so it seemed like a good fit. During Holy week our church had a bunch of services and activities that you could participate in if you wanted to. So i did, life changing.

First on Wednesday i participated in a Labyrinth, i think it was a first for our church. It was awesome. If you don't know what a Labyrinth is, it's a prayer/meditation walk. It's path is meant for you to walk to the center of yourself and then back out again. The center being Christ. As you go through the 11 stations yourwork your way inside and back out again. It was so insightful. I may even do it again on Saturday before it goes away. If you ever get a chance to do it, do it! 
Thursday i sang with the band for Maundy Thursday. Christ's last meal. This is known for its foot washing service. I was hesitant at first to go up there and let one of the 4 pastors wash my feet, but the pastor gave such a compelling sermon right before the foot washing, so i ended up doing it. He talked about the last supper and how Christ wanted to wash the feet of his disciples. The disciples were not having any of it, since washing of the feet were never done by a Jew, it was left to the gentiles to do. Since Christ was a Jew they were embarrassed and didn't feel right having Christ, the son of God washing their feet. I felt like if the disciples were able to do it, i certainly could. It was a humbling experience, so cool to imagine Jesus Christ symbolically washing your feet.  One of the coolest things i have done at our church. 

Tonight i made two lamb cakes. I made one for church (coffee hour) and one for our Gierke family party. I was honored to take over the lamb cake responsibility from Grama Kay, Brad's Grama. We dyed Easter Eggs. I did the girls easter baskets. Since i'm not a huge fan of letting them eat lots of candy, i did a little chocolate bunny and the rest fun things like, bows, a Christian book on Easter, a toy, big girl underwear for my Olivia and each a shirt from the Gap. I think that baskets turned out great. So cute. I also stuffed eggs to hide outside for our Easter Egg hunt. I LOVE EASTER! I have the girls matching beautiful easter dresses ready to go and even one for myself:)

This has been a great inspiring week so far and this weekend should be just as great. Looking forward to great family time, celebration and hearing everyones great Easter Stories! HAPPY EASTER!

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