Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter is always a special time in our house. I feel like it's a bigger deal then Christmas. It felt so special this year, with two little girls along side us, we felt super blessed. Olivia is really starting to understand who Jesus is. Well not exactly all he does or did for us, but she prays to him every night and she knows that he lives in her heart. We have always prayed with her before she goes to bed and now she starts off the prayers and she prays with Whitney when we put her to bed. Its pretty cute.

Holidays are always so crazy, since both of our families live within a 20 minute drive we try to always do both. It's a long day, but so worth seeing everyone. The girls just adore all the cousins and we always have a good time. I have added some pictures of the whole day. What a blessing to be close to ALL our family, we do love them all so dearly! Hope you all had a great Easter or Passover:)

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