Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring fun and lots of running!

Here in the midwest we are finally seeing some spring weather. Do you know what that means? We grabbed out coats as fast as we could and RAN out of the house! It was a beautiful day yesterday and we took full advantage of it. We walked to the park stayed for a hour, then walked home and played in the neighborhood. Olivia showed the boys how to tackle! That little girl had tons of energy built up from this last long winter. Nothing like the fresh air. They liked it so much they slept 13 hours last night, both of them! Hooray for wonderful weather! Of course i took some shots, check them out below!

Whit is just such a happy little baby!

Olivia loves the boys, should i be nervous???


  1. LOVE the kissy ones!! Your girls are adorable!!

  2. We also get dressed and head outdoors as soon as we see even a sliver of sun! This family of 4 is MORE than ready for summer to come!

  3. Your girls are beautiful!! Id say youre always going to be nervous about the boys, haha!!!! Except for my little gentelman, obvi. Hope to see you at church today. They're introducing the new members today!


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