Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Date Night....

Last week B and I decided to have a nice quite night at home. It was so nice and relaxing. We decided to have a wine and cheese night (thank you Oscar and Kelly for the WONDERFUL idea!). I ran over to the yummy Trader Joes and grabed three very yummy cheeses and a deliciouse Red Blend. Yum. We watched the Bulls game and talked all night.

I think it is so important to have date nights. It breaks everyday life up. It brings you back to the core of your relationship and gives you time to breath, together:) I hold these nights so close to my heart. We actually get another weekend alone, this upcoming weekend and we are so excited. Thanks mom & dad! We are going to spend all Saturday and Sunday in the city (Chicago). I can't wait to sleep and do whatever we want!

We would love to jump on a plane and go somewhere warm and exotic, but thats not going to happen right now, so Chicago is the 2nd best. It is such a fun city and there is a ton to do. We never really get to be a tourist in our own city, so we take a weekend every year to do it! On the list of some things to do, get Garets Popcorn, stroll Michigan Ave and i'm taking a bunch of photographs for my web site. Very excited. Oh and we got a 4 star hotel on Price Line for $45, can you believe that?!?!? Hyatt Chicago. I am excited for a weekend to ourselves to say the least:) YEAH TO MOMMY & DADDY NIGHTS!


  1. I love date nights! And my favorite are the ones at home!

  2. Agreed. Date nights are SO important for staying connected in the busy-ness of life!

    Your picture looks delish. I can't wait to have wine & cheese! :)

    Enjoy your weekend in Chicago!

  3. LOVE IT! You really do look like you have "the Life We Love" ha so awesome :)

  4. That looks so awesome! Good for you guys!! I am glad you got this time together - its so important!


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