Friday, March 4, 2011

Lets build other Women up Not break them down....

My Girls (loving each other) 
Someone has to tell me the deal with women bringing other women down? I don't even know if women realize they are doing it sometimes. We need to always be picking each other up and encouraging each other.

When i was in the hospital having Whitney a nurse came in, not my nurse, just a nurse that wanted to see what all the commotion was about in my room. See i had Whitney naturally (not just without medication, but also without IV's, i had very intermittent fetal heart monitoring, i was in the shower, stimulating my nipples, on the birthing ball and in tons of pain) and i guess this is not something that happens very often anymore. So she came in and i was doing great and was at 9.5cm. I was actually feeling great and managing the pain amazingly. She then tells me, wow your doing so well, don't worry you are about the freak out, or at least your body will". TIMEOUT, if you know me, you know that someone telling me i'm about to FREAKOUT is not good for my brain! I was 100% in the moment doing everything my pre natal yoga teacher taught me, and boom! She drops this bomb! What the heck! My Doula/Nurse/Best Friend (Appreciate Each Day  check her out she is amazing!!!!) immediately looks at me and says, LOOK AT ME KATIE, Katie look at me now (she already knew where my head was going) DO NOT LISTEN TO HER. Immediately after that my body "freaked out" and the pain went from manageable to unbearable.

I figured that she had no idea what she had just done (i found out later, she had 5 children naturally), but she broke my spirit and my entire mental rhythm. Now i know there are people out there that cut us women down just because they can or just because they are unhappy in there own lives. You have the bossy mom at the park who comments on how you are raising your children, or the town gossip who spreads nasty words like wildfire, or the mom that can't stop bragging about how amazing her children are, or that one friend who can never be happy for you (wait is she really a friend). The list goes on and on.

Life is hard and women have it pretty rough. We are the ones that have to hold it all together. Wouldn't it be nice to know the other women in this world are there for you all the time. Not questioning what you doing, just standing next to you and loving you. Clearly jealousy and insecurity plays a huge role in why this even happens. What would happen if women started helping others instead of hurting them. Maybe there would be a lot less insecure and jealous women out there.

I belong to a small group that have women from there late 20's to late 70's. It's amazing! To hear all the stories of all these women who have done it all before me. I feel so lifted in the group and so far ahead of where i should be. It's like they are leading the way for the next generation. Everything from marriage, to raising children, to God, to health, to where this crazy world is currently sitting and what was happening way back when. I get so much more then most of them can even imagine. There gift of being there and talking to all of us, is priceless. I feel like i am in a far more advanced place because of them. There is not jealousy or insecurities in this group. It is simply women from multi generational backgrounds getting together to lift each other up. Simply amazing.

I find myself now a days surrounding myself with people who feel the same way and want the same things i want. It feels so great, i just wish more women were on board. I wish we could all just cut out the petty stuff. This world is mean and nasty enough, don't you think us women should be sticking up for one and other instead of bringing each other down?!?!? Well i guess it could start with me, who else is down for this challenge???


  1. So true!!! I will never understand the need for women to act this way. Shouldn't we all be praising each other for all the hard work we do raising families instead of looking down on how others do things. Thanks for your thoughts! The group you are a part of sounds amazing!

  2. Oh my hit the nail on the head! I am with you! Love this post!

  3. I am totally with you too! Just came across your blog today and love it! Great job on this post!!

  4. Love your post!!! Im with you!

  5. Totally with you! My sweet friend Elizabeth, from A Wedding Story, told me to go to this post and it is great! I try to only surround myself with positive, loving people because life is too short to deal with anything less.

  6. Wow, first off, I completely admire you for your birth must be a tough cookie. Secondly, although I do not know you very well...I know you are a devoted mother and wife and super super creative. I know exactly what you are talking about and it is hard. I have gotten sucked into situations that I regreted and have put my foot in my mouth more times than I can count but about a year back I really tried to make some changes and it has been so great. Amazing what thinking...I mean really thinking before you talk will do. I don't think I realized all the things I realize now. I am so blessed to have met so many great moms and friends in Northbrook who do not judge and are just all around great people. I am so glad you have a group you love and I guess what I am saying is I am totally up for the challenge!!!! Thanks for this post!

  7. Wow! You hit the nail on the head. So true! I wish I lived closer. I would love to join your group:)


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