Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Art

   The best present to me is something made by someone else. We are lucky to have so many talented artists between Brad and myself. Below is some baby art that Brads cousin Ashley made for us. She can do anything you want. She is so talented and everything she creates is amazing. 
Check her out at

These make wonderful baby gifts. Check them out! 

  This painting of our dogs was done by my Aunt Lizbeth out in Pennsylvania. Again she has some outstanding painting talent and captures our puppies completely. Sally is dainty and charlie is so playful. 

These last two paintings were done by my grandmother who sells her art is galleries all over the place. This first painting is of my parents sailing on my dads boat. The second one was given to Brad and myself as an engagement present. 

   I unfortunately did not get the genes of painting, although i love to do it anyway. One day i hope our whole house will be filled with this meaningful art. 

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  1. I love that baby art, it is really beyond adorable!


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