Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful Weather & St. Patricks Day

I can not get over how amazing it has been for the last week! I actually got burned sitting outside for 30 minutes on Wednesday. Its ok, i need the vitamin D. Any ways great weather always calls for great pictures. With the blue sky & Olivia't bright blue eyes, i couldn't resist snapping a few photos.

We walked every single say this week. Olivia loves walking down the block to play with all the big kids. She gets to excited to be outside. I am so happy this second baby is coming in the beginning of summer, so we can be out all summer long.

St. Patricks day was a blast as well. We played outside of course, since it was so nice out and then we went over to Hackneys for a delicious dinner. Brad is German and i am German & Irish. So Olivia has some Irish blood in her. Our neighbors bought her this adorable bow for her hair last year and it barley stuck. This year we had a little more luck:)

She didn't want to keep it in:) 

What a fantastic week it was. I am kind of sad it is suppose to start to snow tonight:( 

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