Sunday, March 7, 2010

Olivia's 14th Month

   I sit here and look at the pictures of Olivia and can NOT believe that she is already coming up on month 14. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. Seriously it feels like i just had her. She seems to be picking up on everything. You can ask her practically any of her body parts and she will point to them for you. The cutest i must say is her tushy!  She kind of turns around sticks her little tushy out and points. Olivia defanlty has her own personality and she will let you know exactly what she wants. If you asked any of my close girlfriends or my mom they would tell you she is totally Katies daughter (secretly i think my mom is excited that i had a daughter with my personality) She laughs all the time and is running (seriously running) around everywhere. I can't wait to get outside and be able to play in the neighborhood. She loves loves loves her daddy so much and every time she sees him she just lights up. When he has been gone, even if its just 5 minutes, she will scream and laugh when he walks back in the door. She is saying Pa Pa all the time. Anytime she see pictures and forget about it when she actually sees him, she totally freaks. She can't get enough of my dad. Its really the cutest thing ever. She is making the mmmm sound but still can't get out MiMi. Her Mimi is her favorite person to rocka rocka rocka with. Thats what they do before my mom puts her to sleep. She even says it now when they are rocking.
   People have been asking me what i think Olivia will be like when her sister comes, and from the looks of it i think she will love her like a little mommy. Right now she takes her doll babies and feeds them bottles and rocks them, like i do to her. It really is so amazing how much your kids will pick up on what you do more then what you say. Olivia will point to my belly when i ask her where her baby is and then she will kiss it. I know when this second little girl comes i will be overjoyed, but nothing will make me cry harder then seeing Olivia hold her for the first time. Babies are a true miracle and i cant believe my Lu Lu Bear is already 14 months old. Watching a child grown and learn is like something that can't be explained, its pure Joy. Check out some of her pictures below!

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  1. WOW check out her eyes! Gorgeous!

    My little one has blue eyes too, they seem to look gray when it's dark. But they aren't anything compared to this blue!


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