Monday, June 13, 2011

Estate Sales

This past weekend was another busy one. Lots going on in our town and i did another 5k run. Brad, the girls and i were walking home from the run and stumbled across a Gigantic Estate Sale. It was amazing. The women who lived in the house collected antiques. When i say she collected them i meant she hoarded them. Some very cool things.

When Brad saw my eyes light up at the chance of finding a small treasure he told me to go in and find something great. And find something great, i did! I ended up finding this early 1900's washing station. Just another term for chest of drawers, but apparently they would use it to wash there hands and face. They would put a pitcher and a water bowl on top and a "Potty Can" would go in the inside door.

I LOVE ANTIQUES. I love to think about who's house it was in and what it's seen, who it was made for and what they did with it. We have been looking for a piece to go in our living room and didn't want to run out to a store to buy something. We wanted something with history and character. We never seem to get any luck in furniture stores. Its all over priced and the quality is defiantly not up to par. No one seems to be able to make furniture the way they use to. Thats why estate sales are our favorite. You get REAL wood and pieces that are very unique. I would highly recommend checking one out if you have never been.

When we end up finding a bigger house i want to decorate it with tons of unique old antiques. I like the east coast/cottage look a lot better then modern. Blues and whites are my favorites. Buying antique pieces of furniture make me so happy:) I love my new piece!


  1. SO cool! What a good hubby you have. My great-grandfather BUILT a bedroom, chest of drawers and washing station and did stunning carving in it. I never knew the door was for the potty can! ha!

  2. Pretty piece! I love the history! And it will look great when you decorate it I'm sure!


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