Tuesday, November 24, 2009

YEAH Baby Gierke #2

So our life feels like it is on a very exciting roller coaster ride right now. We are expecting baby #2 on       6-26-2010! We were not planning on having them this close together, but i am sure excited that it worked out this way:) At this rate by the time i'm 33 we should have our whole family of 4 or 5:) Who knows, we will take it one baby at a time.
We went in for the ultra sound a few weeks ago and the baby has a strong heart beat and everything looked perfect. This week the baby has finished making the placenta so that means that it is no longer draining me of all my life. The baby is already a 1.5 inches long. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but i feel like it is going by a lot faster then Olivia did. Maybe because i am busy with Olivia.
I am finally starting to feel a lot better. I am starting to regain my energy and my hormones seems to be settling down a little bit, thank the Lord! I can feel a little baby bump, it defiantly popped out faster then Olivia did. I wasn't even showing till 16 weeks last time. I wonder how weird it will be to hold Olivia with a huge belly:) I cant wait!
I can't really describe how i feel right now, i guess all i can say is BLESSED.

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