Monday, October 26, 2009

Olivia Update!

Olivia just went for her 9 month check up. She is 29.5 in long (95%) and 18.8 lbs (50%)! She is healthy and eating real food with us all the time. She basically told me she wasnt going to eat baby food, by reaching for mine all the time and eating none of her own. We are eating noodles, chicken, bananas and anything else soft that she can get her little hands on:) She is cruising on all the furniture and i think she will walk by her 10th month. She balances on her own now and its so cute. I just can't believe how fast she is growing, its truly amazing:)

                        Mimi bought me my first snow suite!  A very fun date night, Dinner out & Couples Retreat (so funny) 

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