Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 50th Patrick!!!

Patrick's 50th

This last weekend we went to a 50th birthday party for Patrick Hannigan. Him and his family are some of the closest friends we have. I have known the Hannigans since i was 8 years old. I babysat for there first born when i was 10 and this year he is graduating from college.

PJ the first born:)  He is taller then me now:)

His second son Peter is in one of the most outstanding bands you have ever heard!

They will go places!
Min is in her first year of college and since she was a little girl she thought i was her big sister. In nursery school they asked her to draw a picture of her family. She did what she was asked and she drew, Mom, Dad, Tatie (me) Pj, Peter and herself. The teachers called her mom in to ask what was with the fourth child since they knew she only had three. Oh thats Katie, our neighbor. Since then i have been known as there oldest child:) Patrick even had to meet Brad before i said YES. They have become close friends and Patrick is one of Brads confidants. Like i said these are special people.
Mat is the youngest and definatly one of the funniest girls i know. She is the baby and is one of the best shopping partners i know. You can probably be in the worst situation and she will make you laugh and find the good in it. She is amazing.

Cousin Keddy, Min & Mat 
Mommy Hannigan also known as Julie


has been one of my confidants (along with my real mama)  for a very long time. She is so amazing and so much fun to be with. We love love love all the Hannigans and we're so honored to be with them celebrating Patricks 50th birthday!!!!

Liv made a very quick apperance:)

My Hubby & Me

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