Friday, September 18, 2009


I have been meaning to start this blog for about 7 months now, i feel like i finally have some time. I have been inspired:) In the last 8 months we have watched our Olivia go from a tiny baby to a beautiful toddler. It is just amazing how they grow and develop. I still look at her sometimes and can not believe that we made her. God's grace is beyond amazing. We feel so blessed to have her and hope for many more just like her.

This summer has been filled with lot of fun milestones and firsts. We had our first adventure at the pool. Olivia loves the water, whether its the bath or the pool, she is mesmerized by it. She has already placed her little toes in the Atlantic Ocean and played in the waves that rush up on shore. She has flown in a plane and somehow got her name announced over the planes loud speaker, they gave her, her first set of wings. Olivia has been to the Umbrella Factory:) She has ridden in a golf cart, she met her Aunty Belle and cant wait to see her again, She has eaten cheerios and loves them. Olivia is now waving, clapping, pulling herself up, pointing, she says mama, dada and doggie. She loves to sing and dances (bops up and down) when music is on or when i am singing to her. Olivia has 6 teeth right now and her hair is growing in white blonde. I wish i had that color hair:) She is sitting up and pulling herself to her feet and of course she is on all fours and taking her first crawling steps. She laughs often and hardley ever cries. She is the biggest joy in our lives!

This summer we went on our big family trip out east to Charelstown, Rhode Island. The greatest place on earth i might add. Let me tell you taking a baby on vacation is a lot of work. The pre trip and plane ride are the most exhausting. Brad and i had our suitcases and Olivias stuff was shoved in both of them. We had the car seat, stroller, pack and play we both had a carry on and a diaper bag! That was an adventure in itself. We almost missed out flight on the way out. When i say almost i mean the door was closed, but i think that looked at our huge group of people and A) felt bad for us and B) knew there was no way they would be able to fit all of us on another flight. Once we got on the plane it was easy and luckly little Liv enjoyed the whole flight. She talked with people, slept and ate. No crying! It was wonderful. The trip itself was so much fun. Going to the beach and showing Olivia the ocean for the first time was so cool. I know she won't remeber it, but i will. Can you imagine seeing the ocean for the first time and remebering it? She road all over our golf coarse in the golf carts. Wherever we were so was she! It was a wonderful vacation and we had a great time.

Rhode Island is very special place for our family. Arnolda has been in our family for over 100 years. People have built there houses there and we have been going since i was an infant. It was pretty special and very cool to think i brought my daughter, the next generation there. I mean i grew up every summer out there and so will Olivia. Its a pretty neat feeling.

This was such a wonderful summer, i am looking forward to fall, the cooler weather, leaves changing color, halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas!

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  1. i love the blog!!! liv is growing up so fast! she is an absolutely gorgeous angel!!! XOXOXO


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