Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Years Ago

I delivered the most amazing gift i could have ever imagined! Olivia turns 3 this week! Unbelievable. How has three years gone by already. I have this little mini me that is my exact twin and she is 3. She has a huge personality and is so smart. I look at her and can't believe how fast time has gone by.

For her birthday we had a cupcake making party with some of her friends on Monday morning. It was a huge mess and SO much fun. Olivia had a blast and so did her friends. I loved helping the kids decorate their cup cakes. I made the cupcakes and icing the night before and let them choose the color they wanted for their cupcake. I had 6 different colors. I had tons of jelly beans, m&ms, sprinkles and even gummy worms. It was a blast! The whole thing was a DIY, from the take out boxes with stickers that had her name on it, to Olivia and Whitney's long sleeved white tee with the cupcake rinestones. It was inexpensive and adorable. Great idea for anyone with a lot of patience:)

For her actual birthday we are heading to the Choo Choo Restaurant for breakfast. Brad and i both grew up going to this adorable restaurant and Olivia & Whitney Love it. That afternoon we are going to our local YMCA for some family swim. Saturday night we are having a big Party at out new house with all our family to celebrate my baby girl. I am so excited. 





  1. Happy birthday to your Olivia! 3 is such a fun age because they get so expressive and learn so much:) The cupcake party is such a cute idea!

  2. Happy Birthday to Olivia! What a fun party!!


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