Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a blessing tonight was....

As most of you know i am involved in a Beth Moore study at my church. This study happens to be Beloved Disciple, The Life and Ministry of John. Its a fantastic study and even though i don't always manage to get the whole entire study done every week i love it and learn so much from the other women in the study. I happened to only get three chapters out of the five this week and felt discouraged to even go, but i went and i'm sure glad i did!

Beth told an unforgettable story that absolutely disregards any scientist trying to disprove Jesus, God & Heaven are non existent because their "science" says so. Her intention wasn't to do this, but to talk about the grace God gives us in the face of adversity.

       When Beth Moore was younger she was part of a Moms group. There were three moms in particular that palled around with each other and Beth was of course one of them. They all had a couple children. Her friend, lets call her Mary, had a son who had gotten sick. At his funeral Beth and Judy (her other friend) were watching Mary great all the people who came to pay their respects. Of course they were sobbing at this site. There is something completely unnatural about a child's funeral. Mary was so embarrassed by them that she walked over and said, "ladies if you don't get a hold of yourself i'm going to slap you both in the face". God gave this women amazing grace at her own sons funeral. A few months later the three ladies were standing in her kitchen and were having a very delicate conversation about her little boy that had passed away. Beth asked "Mary when did you know your little boy was going to be with Jesus?" and she replied, "I didn't know until it happened. As a mother you will hang on and convince yourself that your child isn't going to die." Mary went on to say "He had been uncomfortable all day long, very fussy and we just couldn't console him. Jim and i were both there with him, praying over him and then all of a sudden he sat straight up. His eyes opened and his whole body was calm and he had the most calm look on his face." He then asked them look mommy & daddy do you see him? Do we see who? as their son is pointing right in front of them. They thought maybe he was hallucinating. The little boy looked over at his parents and said Jesus (with a "duh" face). His parents asked him to describe him. This little boy didn't have much church exposure so he wouldn't have know that the pictures make Jesus looks tall with dark hair. He described him as a man with white hair, piercing eyes and some sort of robe and as soon as he described him he left with Jesus and went home.

      I mean the tears streaming from my eyes were unconsolable. Just an absolutely amazing story and for that mom to know her baby boy was going to be ok and without pain, was such a gift from God. He gives such grace.

Beth went on to talking about an oncologist doctor who was an atheist before she started working in her field and after she started working, even though she saw beautiful children dying all the time she knew that Jesus Christ MOST certainly was involved in the lives of these children that she would meet. She said God is real, he is who he says he is.

All i can say is that i am so happy i went to study tonight and feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing group of women! Thank you Lord, you are so so so good!


  1. Love it! That story really stuck with me too!

  2. this story is so touching, thank you for sharing it. thanks too for checking out my blog..found you by way of my "stats' glad i did.
    take care,


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