Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Organic Food

I was so not a fan of Organic 3 years ago. It seemed way to expensive and more like a gimmick & a fad to me. I ignored all the studies linking non organic foods to health problems because i wasn't interested in the work needed to understand organic foods & farming. Once i had babies that all changed! My first child who is not 19 months has always eaten Organic. Organic formula, baby food and now regular food. I'm not saying that everything that goes into her body is Organic, but all her dairy, fruit and meat  are. Most of her snack foods are as well. If we are out to lunch and there isn't anything Organic on the menu she eats whatever they have, i'm not that crazy, yet:) Thanks to one of my best friend Jill (Founder of the Gan Project, ) she has done all the research and studies and has been informing me of the importance of Organic and buying locally for years now.
Unfortunately they have found that little girls are getting their periods earlier and developing at a much younger age because of all the hormones in the dairy they are eating and drinking. That was so disturbing to be. You are probably asking, that never happened to us when we were younger.The world is a faster place and there are far more people in the world to feed now a days. They grow the fruit bigger with lots of fertilizer &  and pump the animals full of many more hormones and antibiotics. Yes it is producing lots more food, but at what cost. Unfortunately the cost of our health and the health of our loved ones.
Did anyone see the egg recall just last week? They found out that aside from the inhumane ways they were treating the chickens, the eggs they laid were being kept in the same facility as thousands of maggots and flies and being washed with water that was contaminated with salmonella!!! Are you kidding me, that is disgusting. All to save $2.00?!?!? I understand the economy is bad, but please cut costs somewhere else and not on your food. This kind of thing happens all the time and we don't hear about it. Whats really going into our bodies???
Try going to the local farmers markets and finding delicious fruits & vegetables along with an array of other great tasting organic foods. They are usually a lot more affordable and you are supporting a local farmer. It very important to support the local farmers if you are able to. The more farmers that grow Organic the cheaper it will cost to eat the way we always should have. 
Organic eating has made me feel amazing. If your interested do some research for yourself or go out and buy some organic fruit or meat and see if you can tell the difference, i'm pretty sure it won't take long until you notice:) Happy eating!


  1. I am totally with you. I don't eat nearly as organically as I should but darn if my kids won't eat totally organic. The hormones that are in the meat and dairy disgust me and I don't want my 8 year old to get a period! Have you seen Food Inc? A great eye opener!

  2. Seriously! I highly suggest "pastured" eggs.

    Free range eggs are from chickens that actually live inside of a henhouse their whole life. After two weeks the farmer opens a door, but by then the chickens (creatures of habit) have no idea that they should take a step outside.

    Pastured eggs are eggs from hens that live outside, in the pasture. The eat berries, bugs, grubs... all the good things that chickens are SUPPOSED to eat. The egg shells are different colors, the sizes are different, but the eggs are delicious. When you crack a pastured egg into a pan, the yoke actually stays round and doesn't just flatten right out.

    When you find a place at the farmers market that sells eggs, ask them if the eggs are pastured. If they don't understand the question, ask if the chickens live inside or outside. You want pastured or outside.

    Now that we've tried them, we will NEVER go back to store bought "free range" eggs again.


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