Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother Day (33 Weeks)

I love mothers day. Everyone is so happy and so thankful. This year was so wonderful. I feel so blessed to be a mom of 1 beautiful 16 month old and to have another little girl on the way (6 weeks, 4 days). I feel thankful to have such a wonderful mom myself. She has always been there for all of us and has such a positive influence on our lives. I am thankful my daughters will have such a great role model to call there Mimi. My mom always does everything our of the goodness of her heart and it always putting everyone in our family first. She is my hero, hands down. When people say that we act the same or they say "like mother like daughter", there isn't a bigger compliment. The ONLY person i would ever want to be compared to my mom. I hope one day i will be lucky enough to have daughters that feel the same way about me. 
Mothers day has been pretty exciting this year. Thinking about the fact that i am about to give birth to another little girl is just exhilarating.  Brad and Olivia made my day so wonderful. I am truly thankful for such a great family! 

33 Weeks

She cracks us all up!

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